A break in the everyday life… in Malaysia!

norway mamma og babyHello everyone around the globe! These days have been crazy, and I am not talking about Trump as the new president of the U.S. (which at least has taken all the attention from the Kardashians). But I feel I’ve been running all the time, my life as new mom, wife and housekeeper is sometimes exhausting and gives little time for hobbies.

Last week the weather did make us grab our winter jackets and reflectors. This is no joke. -6 degrees and darkness starting by 16.00 can be tough for somebody that just moved from South America a couple of years ago. So, taking the opportunity that Tom could work in his office in Malaysia, we said, why not? We have been working so hard together that we felt we deserved to give ourselves a kind of retreat; escape the world for a short period, and fully recharge us with more experiences. (although Tom has to work in daytime).

soverom styleAnd I must say I cannot feel more EXCITED!!! This time I will REALLY visit Kuala Lumpur. The first time I came here with Tom I skipped to visit Batu Caves because of shopping and limited time (we managed to squeezed 13 flights in a month around the continent and Australia). But this time, I SWEAR this is not happening again! The most exciting thing, is that I will have the little task to elevate Tom’s apartment, which is in the center of Kuala Lumpur. I am really looking forward!!! I have been readingΒ dΓ©cor magazines and taking a look on the internet to get some inspiration. Styling or complete make-over? We don’t know yet, Tom hasn’t been there for years and I haven’t seen it before because it has been rented all the time.

elle magazineThe most important for us is that the apartment gets the luxury-look within a budget and that it gives a top experience for our future guests. I selected the following styles (see collages below). I still cannot decide for one. Any suggestions? I guess we will have a better idea when we see the real condition of the apartment and what we find in the market.

Classical with modern touches



Industrial DΓ©cor

industrial decor


industrial decor

Scandinavian Inspiration



I will come back later with the “before and after” pictures. Finally, I wanted to share this: Tom and his little princess in his 1st Norwegian* father’s day, isn’t it so sweet?

*In Latin America father’s day is celebrated the 3rd Sunday of June, that’s why I specified Norwegian father’s day πŸ™‚


Have a nice week!



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