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    First weeks in Kuala Lumpur

    mom and baby in kuala lumpur

    mom and baby in kuala lumpur

    family expat in uala lumpu malaysia

    How can I start? I love Kuala Lumpur! It’s been almost 3 weeks since we arrived to our apartment and my first impressions have been only positive. The location is just perfect! We are in Bukit Bintang area, surrounded by everything we need: groceries, cafes, restaurants, shopping malls and more. Inside the apartment everything is nice, we have a great view from the 13th floor. We were thinking about refurbishment/styling if necessary, but still we needed to live here first, for a couple of weeks at least, to think about improvement potential.

    There is so much to see and do in KL….but adaptation came first. Since our jet lag was over…I have been like a bird flying everywhere to have a suitable nest for the family. It’s impressive that even when I am not going to the office and only taking care of the baby, I felt I needed an agenda. Among many trips, I went to Ikea to provide my princess a good cot and covers. Other essentials like food processor, steamer and baby accessories could be found in a department store called Parkson, it has EVERYTHING and at very fair prices as well (advice to KL expats). We’ve been also passing by some furniture shops to decide on the apartment styling.

    Once adapted to our place…the relaxation started! There are many places where you can go for beauty treatments for low price. But this time I chose to pay Norwegian prices for the very top services (where actually the royalty goes!). My pedi and mani were done at Luxe by the Nail Parlour in Suria KLCC Mall, just below the Petronas Towers. I had exfoliation, mask and gel. My nails still look stunning. Plus, I was amazed by the focus on details. As I skipped my hair colour for weeks and my roots were shouting “heeeelp! I couldn’t feel more confident to get a very good job at Saw Salon, same shopping mall. The treatment was thoroughly done in shorter time than expected, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Plus, the place is run by very service-minded and friendly staff. I felt very honored that Saw himself did my highlights πŸ˜€

    luxe by the nail salon

    Luxe by the nail salon

    saw salon in kl

    Because Baby doesn’t need these treatments, I found another beautifying way for her and that was this set of baby girl bows. I found a skilled tailor across the street that made them very well. (Inspired by instagram).


    A couple of pictures of a lunch break visit to Tom’s workplace…

    baby girl and dad in KL

    family expats in kuala lumpur KL

    In other news, my little one is now 6.5 months. In this last 1/2 month she has developed so fast. Before she didn’t have any interest of rolling over. Suddenly she is mastering both tummy to back and opposite way frequently. In addition to this, she is working on her crawling. She’s eating very well her solid foods, and I can see how much she enjoys her fruity desserts by the way she opens her little mouth , it’s adorable. Sometimes when we hold her in the arms, she hugs and bites us, I just want to eat her as well.



    baby princess

    baby in kuala lumpur

    There is no way we can feel more lucky than this. We are just living the present, staying at home or visiting new places, but most importantly giving joy to each other. Hope you have a nice week-start!