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    Easter for baby







    Hi everybody! Hope you had the best Easter holidays! In Norway Monday is also off, and we cannot complain about it! The weather was amazing these days! Although we stayed at home, in Bergen, we had a fantastic time. We relaxed, prepared good food, took the ferry to Austevoll to visit friends, and visited family 😀

    As family and close friends know, I never had a real Easter before. When I was a kid, it was about Holy Week; a spiritual time for us. Among many traditions, we had to visit 7 churches, avoid meat and watch movies of the resurrection of Jesus. Me and my sister loved it, because we stayed cosy together at home or travelled inside the country with family. As I grew up, those traditions were vanishing progressively; and even more so when travelling for pleasure with friends. I guess there was a bit of guilt to replace praying with vacation when religion is something you should take seriously.

    Probably because we have baby V. ,  I was excited to introduce her the Easter celebration somehow. The eggs, although not well hidden, were just perfect for her walking training! She loved it and so did we! I highly recommend this game for infants around 9 to 12 months that are starting to give their first steps. Because they feel very attracted to colours, balloons, and shapes; there is no better motivation to go for those eggs! And what do toddlers like? Sweet food, so I stuffed the eggs with fruits 😀

    Let me know if you have any more ideas for kids in Easter, specially games that can develop their skills. I would really appreciate them 😀

    Have a nice week!