The best of 2016!

Happy new year to everyone! I must say I didn’t want 2016 to end because it was a wonderful year!  Many things happened, others were learnt, accomplished, and some other things, I learnt to let go. So here is my 2016:

The best of this year was definitely the arrival of our beautiful daughter. My life has changed completely, for good. And she has shown us how much love we have for each other. In July, we celebrated our first anniversary as wify and hubby!As we have done every year, we met my family from Peru. This time in Spain! We had an entire month for enjoying ourselves!This year I turned 30, besides analysing my body, I started to analyse my life up to now, the negative or positive things I have or have done. And I learnt to be more grateful for the good things and to forgive myself and others for our mistakes. Because we cannot change the past, so it’s better to look forward and try to give the best of ourselves to be a better person.

Professionally, I got a promotion at work, I can be called now Key Account Manager Europe (I love the title!). I’ll continue this position when my maternity leave ends, and I am happy that I have cool colleagues and such a good environment waiting for me in some months.

We had the amazing opportunity to live the last months of 2016 in Kuala Lumpur. This let me see the world with different eyes. To live into a new and very diverse society that teaches you something every day. I met fantastic people, visited amazing places and all these experiences will be always with me. Just before traveling to Kuala Lumpur we bought an electric car, a Nissan Leaf for my use. Although it’s nothing of luxury, it is a perfect family car and consumes no gas whatsoever! So I feel I am doing my part to avoid climate change.

At home, we have refurbished all the rooms in the second floor. Our baby bedroom is so cute!

Even if it’s tough, but yes I managed to deal with criticism or people talking bad behind my back. Either if I decided to do something or not, if I have something or I don’t have it, whatever!!! If it comes from people you barely know or don’t care about, just let it go. If it comes from family or friends, well… figure out if it is a constructive critique to your life. Remember there is always a good answer, with kindness. As for the bad-intended energy, escape from it. Me and my hubby are honest and good people, and we decided that this peace that we have inside, goes nowhere else.

Finally, I started this year with a new mantra “be joyful, be compassionate, be thankful”. We can only start this year with a great smile on our faces for all the good things. I hope everybody is looking the future with the same enthusiasm and that you make your dreams come true! Welcome 2017!

Lots of love,


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