Sweater Weather

It was a long, but REALLY long time since I left sweatshirts at the college period. Looking back at the trends, it was cool to wear those loosey-floozy cotton sweaters with jeans and Uggs. Now, I would give this Miranda Presley look to that outfit.


It is fall, my baby is 5.5 months and I feel I am running everywhere to meet my baby desires. My energy to dress up very nice is literally on the ground, when talking about clothes, the most important for me now is to be comfy (yeah…au revoir high heels). Honestly, sometimes I would just start my day in pajamas or wouldn’t bother to put bed covers on me. And that’s when the sweater came back to my life! Fortunately, there are really good alternatives in the market to match these sweaters to many occasions. Here there are some for inspiration.

sweater weather Slim sweatshirt from Karl, black pants and ankle boots, not too relax but either elegant.

sweater-weather-sweatsuitSweatsuit for chilling around, I paired a top from Red Valentino and a bottom from H&M.

sweater-weather-quoteQuote sweater, just for the fun of the message, from New Look. Top advice, even if your office has a very relaxed dress code, don’t bring them there 😉

If you have more suggestions, I would love to read them 🙂



Apple picking days + easy recipe

apple picking fall family activity recipes pai

Good evening everyone! I haven’t been posting so much lately as my little one has been napping for very short periods during daytime. I cannot complain, it’s so cozy to spend the most of my time with her. We had a nice start of fall in Bergen, cool and sunny. For this reason, me and baby have been making any excuse to be outside of the house everyday. Last weekend wasn’t an exception of course, but we remembered our garden had an “apple infestation”.

Our apple trees were like a surprise for us, because we found out they were actually apple-trees after we bought our house. Since then, I’ve been dreaming of apple picking as a family activity, and I hope my kids love this in the future.

God kveld alle sammen! Jeg har vært litt lite online i det siste fordi min lille prinsesse har veldig korte lurer om dagen. Jeg kan ikke klage i det hele tatt, da er det så koselig å nyte tiden min med henne. Vi hadde en fin begynnelse av høstens sesong, kjølig men solskinn. Takke være det fine været, har jeg og baby benyttet enhver unnskyldning til å være ute. Sist helg var heller ikke noe unntak, men vi husket at vår hage hadde en overdose med epler.

Våre eple trær var som en overraskegave til oss, fordi vi oppdaget at det var epletrær etter vi kjøpte huset vårt. Siden det, jeg har drømt om eple plukking som en familie aktivitet, og jeg håper virkelig at mine barn liker det i framtiden.

apple picking fall family activity recipes pai



It is funny to see that our apples are not perfect at all. But there is nothing more rewarding than hunting our own food. That’s why we love them, no matter if they have these funny Troll noses 🙂

Det er morsomt å se at eplene er ikke perfekte. Men det er ikke noe mer givende enn å jakte på vår egen mat. Vi elsker dem, selv de har troll neser 🙂


Earlier during this summer…

Tidligere i sommer …



apple picking fall family activity recipes pai

Baby contributed with the harvest, and was a very important member of the team 🙂

Baby hjalp med plukkingen, og var et viktig medlem av teamet 🙂


With a large amount of apples, it is very wise to plan for desserts. But this year, I wanted to relax a bit and not schedule so many recipes in so short time (we have already so many activities these days!!). So the idea of storing frozen apple pie filling came to my mind, and the best of it is not only the flavor, but the practicality to have it whenever we want 🙂   Here is my recipe, I worked in batches of 2 kg of apples, which is enough for 4 pies:

Ingredients for the apple filling (for about 4 pies)

  • 2 kg apples, peeled, cored, thinly sliced.
  • 2 l water
  • 3 3/4 cups/480 g. white sugar
  • 5 tbs /75 ml lemon juice
  • 1 cup /120 g. cornstarch
  • 1 tsp /4 g. salt
  • 2 tsp /8 g. ground cinnamon


In a bowl, add the sliced apples and lemon juice.

In a large pot, set medium heat and pour the water, let heat for a couple of minutes. Add sugar, cinnamon , cornstarch and salt. Stir for a couple of minutes. Set medium-high heat, add the apples and keep stirring for 5 minutes more.

Let the mix cool for 1 hour, and save it into tupperwares. Then you can freeze them.

*For the pie crust, the easiest and quickest is to buy pre-made ones. But you can also make it from scratch like I did. I followed the recipe that you can see in this link: Pie Crust.


So finally, you can taste the fruits of your labor 🙂




At the beach…

img_6849Hi everyone! I have recently been checking some pictures on my files, as I am into filling up a wall with nice frames. I found some that I really love and never shared (due to lack of time, most probably). All those remind me the time of my first visit to Peru, after a year of living in Norway. According to the tradition, Tom had to ask my dad if he was granted the permission to marry me. Again, this is an old tradition. Nowadays it is almost like playing a role, in a nice tight dinner-ceremony where we know that Tom is going to give a lovely speech, and dad is going to answer “yes, you can marry her”.

Hei alle sammen! Jeg har sjekket  i det siste noen bilder i mappene mine nå som jeg er opptatt med å fylle opp en vegg med fine rammer. Jeg fant noen som jeg virkelig elsker og jeg har aldri delt (på grunn av mangel på tid mest sannsynligvis). Alle disse bildene minner meg om det første besøket til Peru etter ett år i Norge. I henhold til de gamle peruanske tradisjonene, måtte Tom  spørre min far om han hadde lov til å gifte seg med meg. Jeg må bemerke at det er kun en gammel tradisjon. Nå til dags er det nesten som å spille en rolle i en fin og koselig middags-seremoni, hvor alle vet at Tom skal gi en tale og far vil si “Ja, du kan gifte deg med henne”.




After all this love environment, we decided to take our engagement photoshoot in Lima. I wanted to recreate the fun times we had while meeting each other, something that we could say at a later time, “yes, that was exactly us”. So the photoshoot took place in San Bartolo beach, some 40km south of Lima. We used to have some “lates” there. (Popular term that describes to surf at about 17-18.00 hours).

Etter den kjærlige seremonien, bestemte vi oss til å ha vår forlovelse fotoseansen der i Lima. Jeg ønsket å gjenskape den gøye tiden som vi hadde da vi møtte hverande, noe som vi senere kunne si  “Ja, det var akkurat oss”. Så foto seansen tok sted på en strand som heter San Bartolo, ca. 40km mot sør for Lima. Vi pleide å ha “lates” der borte. (populært begrep som beskriver å surfe rundt kl. 17-18:00).


img_6864It was fun and relaxing to be at the beach for the photosession, all pictures were taken by Marlon, from Pda Estudio. I must say I appreciate he could join us over there and his patience to meet our photo requirements. He is such a talented photographer, and you can easily see that from the pictures.

Det var moro og avslappende å være på stranden for fotograferingen, alle bildene ble tatt av Marlon, fra Pda Estudio. Jeg må si at jeg setter stor pris på at han kunne komme med oss dit og hans tålmodighet til å møte kravene våres. Han er en slik talentfull fotograf, og man kan enkelt se det fra bildene.





À la carte: Lomo Saltado

When I moved to Norway at the age of 27, I had no idea of cooking. I cannot blame myself for this, as I was not allowed in the kitchen in my parents’ house . We grew up spoiled with mom or maid making all meals for us….until my last day there. About 2 years ago, far away from home, I remember myself youtubing a lot even on how to peel veggies, and was making long distance phone calls to mom for tips on Peruvian dishes. At the end, I was not forced to prepare food, but felt passion for it (to the point that now I love sneaking in restaurant kitchens while traveling haha!)

Lomo Saltado (Sauteed biff in English) is a result of Peruvian and Chinese cuisine; a fusion that integrates Peruvian ingredients + wok technics. I don’t intent to brag about this, but Peru has been awarded to be the best culinary destination 😉 . Just a couple of weeks ago, Bryan Cranston (Most known as “Heisenberg” or “Walter White” of Breaking Bad) joined to prepare Lomo Saltado in the american TV show “Cocinando con Karla” (Cooking with Karla).

Saying all this…I couldn’t feel more inspired to share my recipe. Below, find all the details 😀

Ingredients (For 2 people):

  • 1 cup of rice
  • 0.5 kg of biff (from the back)*
  • 4 potatoes (or 2 baking potatoes)**
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 1 Aji amarillo (Don’t find it? Use sauce of aji amarillo or chilli bits)**
  • 1 red onion
  • Spring onions
  • Cilantro
  • Soya sauce
  • Oyster sauce
  • Vinegar
  • Oil
  • Pepper
  • Salt



Getting everything ready

  • Prepare the rice. Put aside.
  • Peel and chop de potatoes into thick fries size, fry them. Put aside.
  • Chop the tomatoes, onion and aji amarillo in thick pieces.
  • Slide the spring onions in small-medium pieces.
  • Chop the cilantro leafs.
  • Chop the biff by eye measurement 2x4cm.


The technique

  • Use a big wok or a large frying pan at medium-high heat and brown the biff, saucing with pepper and just a very little bit of salt (soya is coming later, so better not to abuse of salt here).
  • In the same wok/frying pan, remove the biff, leave the juices, add more oil.
  • Then, set to very high heat and use no more than 3 minutes in this stage. Add the onions until they become softer and a bit golden. Then add the tomatoes , spring onions and aji. Short after this add the biff. Pour the soya and oyster sauce (same amount of each, I usually add around 3 tbs of each). Add the vinegar (1 tbs) and finally add the cilantro. Shake the mix, alternatively, stir it until the sauces mix completely. Remember not to use more than a couple of minutes, otherwise tomatoes can get very soggy, and the rest of ingredients can get burned.




  • Finally, place the rice by the side on a plate. Next to it, add some fries first, then the woked mix on top, and then some more fries and so on. If you want the traditional style, copy my picture. ****

lomo saltado peruvian dish yumi biff


*Focus on the biff, try to find the best one. I bought Gilde in Norway, and it worked pretty good!

Gilde biff for lomo saltado peruvian dish

** I personally prefer to chop from big baking potatoes, nothing to do with the taste but the thickness and relatively long fries give (in my opinion) a better appearance. Plus, less work with the peeling process.

*** Aji amarillo (“yellow chilli” in English. But, it is in fact orange). I’ve been through all the international shops in Bergen and couldn’t find it. But I found it in many shops in Paris ( Quartier latin- 14em arronsidement 😉 ). I guess it is likely to find it in larger cities. This time, I used the Aji sauce.

aji amarillo for lomo saltado peruvian dish

**** Some people add the fries during the wok, I prefer to add them straight to the plate. But this is just a matter of taste, as I prefer to feel the crunchiness of the fries instead of fries in a deep bath of soya (that others prefer, like my family in Peru).

As you can see, Lomo Saltado is a simple dish , tasty and easy to make. I have to say thanks to my mom and Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio for some cool tips on making it 😀


Secret Garden Day

Victoria's secret garden1 Viktorias secret garden 2.1 Viktorias secret garden3Viktorias secret garden7Viktorias secret garden 8.1  Viktorias secret garden4.1 Viktorias secret garden5 Viktorias secret garden6

Hello everyone! Today baby is 3 months 2 weeks and 5 days (Don’t worry because I won’t celebrate random ages). We’ re so much in love with her! During this time she made us feel the happiest parents ever.

We feel so proud of our baby daughter achieved milestones; and we melt down whenever she looks herself on the mirror and throws that shy-toned “agoo” while smiling, stands-up (with our support of course) and stares at us while babbling loud of joy. Her way to ask for mommy hugs waving her arms and stretching her back blows my mind and heart. I love being mom and having this little recent-baked family of mine 😀

Hei alle sammen! I dag var det en fantastisk dag, men vi feiret ikke det gode været. I dag blir baby 3 måneder 2 uker og 5 dager (Ikke bekymre dere om at jeg vil feire alle tilfeldige aldre). Vi er så glad i henne! I løpet av denne tiden sammen, har hun gjort at vi føler oss som de lykkeligste foreldre noensinne.

Vi er så stolte av vår datters utviklingen; og vi smelter når hun ser seg selv på speilet og sier en sjenert “Agoo” smilende. Hun står (med vår støtte selvfølgelig) og stirrer på oss mens hun babler høyt av glede. Hennes måte å be om mamma klemmer ved å vifte med armene og strekke ryggen, varmer mitt sinn og hjerte. Jeg elsker å være mamma og ha min lille nybakte familie 😀

Pregnancy and my DIY maternity photoshoot

pregnant pregnancy maternity photo shoot

I always thought I would never get pregnant because I was never going with the flow. I can tell that from childhood. I remember I was in the borderline to be rejected at school and ironically, I did more than great! I was a kind of a nerd. While many classmates were watching soap operas or playing something as popular as Pokemon GO, I was studying a third language or painting on a new canvas.

Anyways, I realized I was joining planet earth when I first got my period, felt in love and so on…until I finally got married and pregnant. Wow! I got pregnant! I suddenly thought “I’ll have a little one to make happy and be friends for life”. First thing I did was to tell Tom the amazing news almost crying of happiness. Second thing, I saved my pregnancy test in a safe place for my future baby scrapbook and called my sister to tell the news . Then I just wanted to run to the mall to buy tiny clothing….

Jeg har alltid tenkt at jeg aldri ville bli gravid fordi jeg aldri ble med strømmen. slik var det fra barndom. Jeg husker jeg var på kanten til å bli nektet å gå på min foretrukne skole. Ironisk nok, så gjorde jeg det bra på skolen! Jeg var en nerd. Mens mange klassekamerater var opptatt med å se på såpeoperaer eller å spille noe så populær som Pokemon GO, jeg var fokusert på et tredje språk eller maling på et nytt lerret.

Uansett, jeg innså at jeg var med planeten jorden da jeg først fikk min periode, følte forelsket og så videre … til ble jeg endelig gift og gravid. Herregud! Jeg ble gravid! Jeg tenkte «Jeg skal ha en liten baby og, gi henne kjærlighet og bli venner for livet» Første ting jeg gjorde var å fortelle Tom de fantastiske nyhetene (nesten gråtende av lykke). Etter det, lagret jeg min graviditetstest på et trygt sted for min fremtidige baby utklippsbok og ringte søsteren min til å sprede nyhetene. Så ville jeg bare løpe til butikken for å kjøpe bitte små klær ….

pregnant pregnancy maternity photo shoot mom baby

Pregnancy hits women in many different ways. Of course, there comes some discomforts, but the joy is much greater than that. Luckily, I was very active in a late stage. I got a (mega-reloaded) nesting feeling for the “viktorious” arrival. Today, I realize I was subconsciously preparing myself to be a mother.

Graviditet treffer kvinner på mange forskjellige måter. Selvfølgelig, det kommer noen ubehag, men gleden er mye større enn det. Heldigvis var jeg veldig aktiv da jeg var høygravid. Jeg fikk en (mega-ladet) hekkende følelse for den “viktorious” ankomsten. I dag innser jeg at jeg ble ubevisst forberedt på å bli mamma.

pregnant pregnancy maternity photo shoot

If I have to recall the most enjoyable things of pregnancy, that would definitely be Viktoria’s kicks and acrobatics. Plus chocolate, bunch of chocolates and…tropical fruits!!! (Yes, that sounds a bit demanding given that we are living in a Nordic country). Thanks my love for satisfying my cravings.

Hvis jeg må huske de mest moro tingene på graviditet, vil det definitivt være Viktoria’s spark og akrobatikk. Pluss sjokolade, masse sjokolade og tropiske frukter … !!! (Ja, det høres litt krevende siden vi bor i et nordisk land). Takk min kjære for å tilfredsstille mine begjær.

So, the 3 pictures were taken by Tom. They are all sweet but we only love the first two.

Here are my advices for a DIY maternity photoshoot:

  1. Find the theme: As you can see in Picture N.1, my theme could be “the arrival of the princess”. Imagine the objects that might be around and the background of the picture.
  2. Do logistics: Are you going to wear white?blue?pink? hold a baby accessory? Make a checklist for the shooting day.
  3. Plan the day: If you live in a city where climate can suddenly turn bad, consider to check your climate app if the photoshoot will be outdoors (important in Bergen). I advice you to reserve the day just for the photoshoot. As a pregnant woman, you are doing already too much on creating a little one. Plus, you need to look happy and relax 😀
  4. Setting up the camera: Take some shoots here and there, find the best light conditions. Unless you are shooting with a Go-Pro, most cameras work best when the light hits you. You can see that in my first picture. Quite on the contrary, the results weren’t satisfactory on my third picture, because of the simple fact that I was standing in a shadowed area.
  5. Have fun: Try different poses, enjoy. One day you will see those picture with your children and only good memories have to come.

Feeling curious about the places?

Picture N1: King’s holiday castle Gamlehaugen (Bergen-Norway).

Picture N2: Our bedroom.

Picture N3: The background on the other side is Brygge(Bergen-Norway).



One day in Murcia

In every destination we pick for summer vacations, I google a bit to see the possibility of a day trip outside the area we are staying.  For those who travel to Torrevieja at some point, and are into walking streets and historical buildings, Murcia is just 1 hour drive away!

Hver destinasjon vi velger for sommerferie, googler jeg litt for å se muligheten for en dagstur utenfor området vi bor i. For de som reiser til Torrevieja, og liker å gå på tur og se på gamle bygninger, så er Murcia 1 times kjøring unna!

Tourism in Murcia, buildings art food and shopping

Do you want to soak yourself in historical culture? Plaza Santo Domingo will make that possible. From Baroque buildings to modern monuments, the place transport you to the past through art. Start at the huge ficus tree, planted in 1893 by engineer Ricardo Codorniú. Just in front of the tree, relax with a good ice cream under the shadow of the palms.

Vil du vasse i kultur? Plaza Santo Domingo kan hjelpe deg. Fra barokk bygninger til moderne monumenter, stedet transporterer deg til fortiden gjennom kunst. Start på det enorme ficus treet plantet i 1893 av ingeniør Ricardo Codorniú. Like foran treet kan man slappe av med en god iskrem under skyggene av palmer.

Tourism in Murcia, buildings art food and shopping

Tourism in Murcia, buildings art food and shopping

A must-see in this city is Real Casino de Murcia. I assure you will get astonished by the colonial building and its detailed-decorated rooms. For a reasonable price, you can access them. The restaurant inside is just amazing, but unfortunately we came when the restaurant was getting ready for an event (therefore I recommend to call first!). But later I read lots of reviews about very good food and fair prices.

Noe man må se i denne byen er Real Casino de Murcia. Jeg forsikrer at du vil bli forbauset av denne koloniale bygningen og dens detaljrike dekorerte rom. For en rimelig pris, kan du få tilgang til dem. Restauranten er bare fantastisk. Dessverre, kom vi da stedet var opptatt med et arrangement (derfor anbefaler jeg å ringe først!). Men senere leste jeg flere anmelder om svært god mat og OK priser.

Tourism in Murcia, buildings art food and shopping Casino royalTourism in Murcia, buildings art food and shopping Casino royal

Tourism in Murcia, buildings art food and shopping Casino royal

Tourism in Murcia, buildings art food and shopping Casino royal

Visit Catedral Santa Maria, its gothic style is something you cannot miss. The tower in the cathedral is about 95m tall and gives a nice panoramic view of the city.

Besøk Catedral Santa Maria, dens gotiske stil er noe du ikke kan unngå å se. Tårnet i katedralen er ca. 95m høy og gir en fin panorama utsikt over byen.

Tourism in Murcia, buildings art food and shopping Catedral santa maria

Finally, great shopping and food are around every corner, so don’t worry about starving or to have nothing to wear.

Shopping og mat er rundt hvert hjørne, så du trenger ikke å bekymre deg at du vil sulte eller har ingenting å ha på.

Tourism in Murcia, buildings art food and shopping



Stay in Torrevieja

Hi! Today I am sharing a recent vacation in Spain! This was the second time we travelled to Torrevieja-Alicante and stayed at Tom’s house. For us, Spain holidays are Beach days, dinners in the terrace, fruits in the Jacuzzi and intensive shopping! Plus, this time it was cozier, since my family from Peru came specially to meet Viktoria.

Hei! I dag deler jeg en nylig ferie i Spania! Dette var andre gang vi reiste til Torrevieja-Alicante og bodde i Toms hus. For oss, ferie i Spania er: dager på stranden, middager på terrassen, frukt i boblebadet og intensiv shopping! I tillegg var denne gangen mye koseligere, siden min familie fra Peru kom over for å møte Viktoria.

Torrevieja viaje in spain

Most days in Torrevieja were just relaxing and inspiring. Tom helped me often with the baby night shift, therefore I had (the pleasure) to go for food hunting some mornings. Wednesdays and Friday markets were one of my favorite things. This is so typical Spain! These are traditional markets in the streets like in the old times. Literally, you can find anything you need. It also felt delicious to talk again my Spanish and enjoy the accent of the locals. Once my freshly-baked bread + thoroughly scrutinized and picked fruits and vegetables were in my bag ready to go back home.

De fleste dager i Torrevieja var bare avslappende og inspirerende. Tom hjalp ofte meg med baby nattskiftet, derfor hadde jeg energien og gleden til å gå på mat jakt noen morgener. Onsdag og fredag markedene var en av mine favoritt ting. Dette er så typisk Spania! Dette er tradisjonelle markeder i gatene som i gamle dager. Bokstavelig talt, der kan du finne alt du trenger. Det føltes deilig å snakke spansk igjen, og nyte aksenten av lokalbefolkningen. Da mitt nybakte brød + grundig plukkede fersk frukt og grønnsaker var i handletrillen min, var jeg klar til å gå hjem.

balcony sexy body in torrevieja spaindad and baby para y bebe en cama torrevieja spain

street style sexy body in summer torrevieja alicante spain

in the market in spain and accessories torrevieja spain

At the end, I had very limited shopping time; however, I managed to get some fresh outfits. During this stay, I was wearing most of the time straw summer hats and this kind off-the-shoulder shirt. When the sun is hitting everywhere, it just feels refreshing to have some breeze on the shoulders.

På slutten hadde jeg svært begrenset shopping tid, men jeg klarte å få noen fine antrekk. Det meste av tiden hadde jeg på meg en strå hatt mot solen og denne typen bluse off-the-shoulder som jeg elsker. Når solen treffer overalt, det bare føles forfriskende å ha noen bris på skuldrene.

sitting torrevieja picture fashion street style


street style torrevieja spain

accessory mediterranean terracota torrevieja spain

Wearing in this post:

Top and shorts: Pull&Bear

Handbag: Adolfo Dominguez

Bijouterie and Sandals: Stradivarious

Hat: Claire’s